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Date: Sunday April 13, 10:04 am

Every year, thousands of British holiday makers head for the Mediterranean to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and escape from their everyday life. Occasionally people, who love holidays on the islands so much, make the choice to move there permanently. If you are one of these people and are considering a move, you may be interested to know what you options are.

While you could buy or rent an apartment or house on an island, you may have financial issues that prevent you from doing so. One option which many people don’t consider is living in a boat out at sea. An island like Cyprus offers a long uninterrupted coast line to explore while you sail your home where you like and enjoy minimal living costs. But is it possible to live there permanently?

You’ll need a good boat

For starters you will need to invest in a good boat as it will need to withstand not only the occasionally stormy seas found in the colder months, but you living in it 24/7. If you have the funds, getting a brand new boat would be advisable as it will hopefully have all the navigation, communication and living equipment you need. If you can’t afford one, you may want to buy a big second hand one and spend some time on dry land getting it seaworthy and as homely as possible.


While you don’t need a license for some countries and some speeds and sizes of boat, it is still best to get as much training and qualifications as possible. This will give you the best advantage should you come across a particularly rough sea or if you accidentally scuttle yourself.


You will of course need to have a job to earn money while you’re living at sea. This may prove difficult but there are certainly companies which operate offshore Cyprus, though this may not mean literally offshore. Either way there is enough Cyprus company incorporation going on, on land on Cyprus that you should be able to find a suitable job, even if it means going on land from time to time.


Unless you want to eat nothing but fish and lemons for the rest of your life, you will have to go on land once in a while to get supplies. Make sure you pick up things like medicine while you’re there too so you don’t get caught short. So basically yes you can live off the coast of a Mediterranean island like Cyprus but you may find it hard going. How strong are your sea legs?

About the Author: Sam Qam is a keen sailor. He has lived off the coast of Cyprus for 30 years and in his time has set up a Cyprus company incorporation from his position as a offshore Cyprus security analyst.


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Date: Sunday April 13, 5:07 am

Before I even became aware of the PMP Certification for Project Managers, Yosemite Mountain I was an active and busy Project Manager for many years. Naturally, I thought I knew it all when it came to managing projects. After all, who can be a better teacher than “real time project management experience” of many years.

Boy… I was in for a BIG Surprise!

When I attended the first PMP class, I realised how vast the Project Management Body of Knowledge was… how much formal thought was given to each of the 9 Knowledge Areas, and the 5 process Groups. Back then, there were 44 processes in the PMI Framework…

And although I was extremely proficient in handling contracts, having negotiated some very large multi-million dollar contracts that covered over 200 contract staff at our project site, I had not known certain types of contracts altogether.

The area of formal Risk Management was completely new to me. And being a “non-medical” or Science student in my college years, I was completely new to Human Resource Management theories – what motivates people, how to inspire people, and how to resolve conflicts etc. Just by becoming aware about so many topics made me realise how little did I know about Project Management.

The studies for the PMP Exam, and the attempting of the hundreds of PMP questions really opened my mind to the huge new possibilities in managing risk, managing people, and managing communications etc. Previously, my idea was to only manage time, cost and scope for a successful project. And I really did not care much about the people, whether they got burnt along the way or not.

Even after getting the PMP certification, I continued to read and learn more about “effective project management strategies”. The fiction books I used to borrow from the National Library slowly made way for more of the “non-fiction” books on project management, risks, communications, HR, and other topics. I then began to write about my experiences in Project Management… and many articles actually got published in The Straits Times, Today’s Manager magazine.

As I learnt, read more, and practiced what I read, I became more and more proficient in managing people and the project planning, execution and delivery became better. However, I did not realise this automatically… It was only when I was getting more frequent promotions to do more complex and larger projects that someone remarked how I had “accelerated” my career growth after getting “PMP certified”…

That’s when I wondered if it was indeed true? How very True! PMP had certainly opened my eyes, and paved the way for my future growth – both personal and professional.

I did not mind the extra dollars it brought, nor the status that went with it, and the people I interacted with began to change… for the better.

Much of this happened within 2 years of my passing the PMP Exam. I then joined the local chapter of PMI, after having paid the membership fees for many years, but never ever attending any actual meetings. And this opened another big avenue to network… But more on this at another time.

As you can see, my productivity increased dramatically just by being exposed to the proper project Management Methodologies and the right Project Management Framework, and then bringing them to practice.

PMP Certification opened up a new horizon for me, and did more than wonders for me… My entire career leap-frogged in the fast-lane, and my life actually changed for the better.

Has it impacted your life too?

Do share your thoughts with me. Let me know how preparing for the PMP exam, or being a certified project manager has made a difference for you.

About the Author: Vinai Prakash is PM Champ. Yup, that’s me. I love coaching and training PMP aspirants to pass the PMP Exam in their first attempt, without stress, and without hassles.

To date I have coached hundreds of students in face-to-face PMP Training Preparation classes and shared valuable PMP resources. After getting my PMPCredential, I often wondered how I could share my new found knowledge of passing the exam easily on my first attempt, and impart it to people struggling to get the PMP certification, but don’t have a clue.


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Date: Saturday April 12, 5:25 pm

A Designer is one who makes or creates art in a beautiful way. These are people who have a creative mind and put their thoughts into work. Specifically in Australia, there are various professions on which are categorized by the Designing label. This could contain a line of work such as interior designs, architectural, fashion design, landscape architects, jewelry designs, graphic designs, furniture designs, industrial, textile designs and many more. The first Australian Designers were the Indigenous people. Nowadays, over fifty thousand Australians are engaged in designing.

A famous Australian Architect Designer is Glenn Murcutt. Born in the Great Britain by his Australian parents, he has been known all over Australia as one of its distinguished and eminent architects. In 1956-61, he was educated in the field of architecture at the University of New South Wales. He has made many significant buildings including the Magney House, Artists Centre on the South Coast, The Ball-Eastaway House and many more. He has won many prestigious awards like the Pritzker Prize, the Australian and American Institute of Architects Gold Medals.

In terms to fashion designing, Carla Zampatti is one of Australia’s best. This Australian Designers is the Executive Chairman of the Carla Zampatti Pty Limited. She first produced small collection called Zampatti Pty Limited in 1965, then following the national launch two years later. Then in 1972, she opened her first boutique in Surry Hills, Sydney. Until over the years, she has opened at least thirty boutiques in Australia. Then in 2008, she was awarded The Australian Fashion Laurete which is the uppermost achievement honoured in the Australian Fashion Industry.

In versatility, no one can question Catherine Martin’s exceptional talent. She is a costume designer, production designer, set designer, and also a film producer. She has designed many movie sets including Geoffrey Rush’s Diary of a Madman, La Boheme, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She also won academy awards for best art direction as well as best in costume design. She has also designed many designer rugs like the “flora and fauna” on which was commissioned Yosi Tal of Tal Company.

Australia also has a booming graphic design industry. It has many talented designers including Ken Cato, a graphic designer that was well-known since the 70s. His notable designs were the Australian Made Logo and the Qantas Airways Logo.

When it comes to interior design and furniture, Australia also has contributions to the world such as the contour chair built in the pre-world war II era designed by Grant and Mary Featherston. Until now, it is still used by many. Marc Newson is also a famous Australian designer now making his name in design markets in European countries. Schiavello from Melbourne took part of a Major furniture furnish in the World Bank as well as an Australia-based New Zealand company.

Whether it comes to many fields of designing, Australia has many talents to offer. Many Australian Designers have become world famous and in demand for their works, and because of that encourages many aspiring designers to strive hard for them to achieve their goals also.

About the Author:

Australian Designers is a Directory where you can find designers in Australia by searching or browsing our city travel agents database including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.


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Date: Friday April 11, 11:34 pm

Adobe, the company that has created a revolution with the product “pdf reader”, is the leading multimedia giant in the world. Its creative software products are widely used in the areas of internet applications and software development.

Founded in 1982 by John Warnock, with the first product “Postscript”, the company now emerged as the leading software giant as far as the rich internet application industry is considered. The name “Adobe” is derived from “Adobe creek”. Adobe entered the consumer market in the duration 1984-86 with the product “Adobe Illustrator”. It is a drawing program for the apple operating system. In 1989, adobe developed and released the product “photoshop” which is still widely being used by many graphic artists across the globe. Later in 1994, other products like “adobe page maker” and “adobe after effects” after it acquired its competitor “Aldus”. Adobe later acquired its main competitor “macromedia” in 2005, the competitor of Adobe. This led to the addition of several products of macromedia like Dreamweaver, flash, flex etc to Adobe’s portfolio. This created almost a monopoly market in the graphic industry. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is another product that made Adobe prove its creativity as it helped photographers to manage images and all the work in an easy way.  Adobe media player was released in 2008 by Adobe after it discontinued the sales and development of the older software. In 2009, Adobe purchased Business Catalyst and Omniture. Though Adobe is not really famous for lay offs, it laid off around 700 employees. At the beginning of 2010, Adobe is under frequent arguments Apple, the creator of Ipod. The later claimed that Apple cannot support Flash as it is not secured or reliable.

By 2009, the employee strength of the company rose to 7,564 employees. It is a known fact that adobe hires graduates from top notch universities and colleges. With many highly talented associates, Adobe offers products that are mainly used for

-       Content Authoring- Highly interactive applications with rich texture can be built

-       Customer Experience Management – Improve brand strength with great customer experience

-       Online Marketing –  Measure your market effectiveness using a variety of screens


Adobe has been constantly rated as one of the greatest places to work by Fortune. In 2003, Adobe was recognized as the 5th best place to work and in 2009, it was placed in the eleventh position. In India, Adobe is featured in the great places to work. Adobe also stands a place in the “Canada’s Top 100 employers” list.

About the Author: There are openings at Adobe India for the profile of Computer Scientist. Check the


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Date: Friday April 11, 10:09 pm

My friend Keith told a story about how he was first paid to speak in public.He said that he joined Toastmasters and he hadn’t been in it very long when he was asked to speak, and be paid for it as well.

Keith loves rugby and was at his rugby club when one of the managers of the club said to him:

“Ah Keith, you speak in public don’t you”.

Keith said ” err yes I do speak in public”, so the manager said “we would like you to do a talk at the club, we will pay you for it. How long will it be then, about 45 minutes, you’re used to that sort of thing aren’t you?”

Keith said “err yeah, I am”, even though he had only just spoken at the most for seven minutes in a Toastmasters ice breaker speech, the first speech that you do at Toastmasters, and had never been paid to speak in public before.

So that’s how he got started, and that’s how he got into being paid for public speaking because a man came up to him and asked him to speak and he said “yes”.

He ended up speaking for 45 minutes and he had a bit of a question and answer session afterwards.

Since that time he has been paid to speak in public on many occasions and he estimates that his total earnings to date are between 100,000.00 and 150,000.00. What’s that? Say $150,000 to $200,000?

Speak in public and you get paid money!

Keith knew that he knew he wasn’t perfect, but as Jack Canfield would say, he just leaned into it, just lean into it and get going, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do it.

Or as Anthony Robbins would say ‘Take massive action’ it’s the same thing, just do it.

Do you want to know a way of ‘just doing it’, to just get out there and speak in public, and be paid at the same time, but you feel nervous and unsure that you will remember what to say?

To improve your speaking is easy!

All you have to do is use a Memory Map, just do Memory Mapping.

It works through linking what you want to say to location. You therefore know what you what to say without having to know your talk word for word and it’s a massive boost to your confidence.

‘Just do it’ and get paid to speak in public whether this is in your job or as a professional public speaker.

About the Author: ‘The Learning Well’ is setup by Tony Lazar, Alan McMahon and Mandip Sohal to help adults and children and their parents and improve their learning and communication skills. To find out more, Click http:// and


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Date: Friday April 11, 1:32 pm

With school and coaching classes all in a routine kids have become overburdened as to what to leave and what to do. Finally we are speaking about the children and not a performer. They need something which can complete some of their work quickly and easily, so that they can manage to complete the entire task on time. Thus the problem has been solved by the internet. There are plenty of academic service provders available online to help you.

Essays are one of the major subject for which we usually get lots of homework from school. Though essay writing is considerably easy it cannot be done in haste and requires proper attention for a perfect essay. Nowadays you can get help in writing a perfect essay by applying the points given online.

Under mentioned is a sample of guidelines on a Global Warming Essay.

Global Warming: Write the Facts and Spread Awareness

Every one of us knows what global warming is. One of the globally accepted definition is, “The observed and projected increase in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans”. The increase in the rate of carbon dioxide is also one of the reasons for Global Warming. One can identify a lot of reasns such as cutting of trees destroying forests high vehicular traffic etc.

For the Writers

It is always a matter of confusion for writers that what all to be written in the essay. Well, in a Global Warming Essay the writer can mention the following points.

Reasons of Global Warning: In any standard, while writing a Global Warming Essay, a writer should always mention at least two to three causes of global warming. For example,

Growth and Advancement of Industries.

There is so much rise in the pollution related to air noise water etc.

Burning of Fossil Fuels

Consequences of Global Warming: The next important thing to be mentioned in any Global Warming Essay is the outcome or the effect of the subject. For example,

Rapid increase in the earth’s temperature which in turn causes Droughts, Tornadoes, lesser production through farms, etc.

The raise in the sea levels can be attributed to global warming that is due to the melting of ice and oceans thermal expansion.

A reader must be able to understand all the causes and its effects in a detailed manner from this write up on Global Warming Essay.

Apart from causes and effects, another important thing to be mentioned in the essay is the Avoidance of Global Warning. For example.

Human activities are the major reason of global warming, so if we check our activities, then surely we can control the destruction. Less usage of petrol and diesel, filter replacement of furnace, recycling toxic products, etc are some of the beneficial activities which can reduce the effect of global warming.

One ca write a very impressive essay on Global warming in this manner. You need to remember that the idea of writing is to bring familiarity with the concept.

About the Author: Are you looking for more information on what issues can be raised in global warming essay, then check out our web directories on regular basis. Also, you can have an insight into how custom essay writing service is indispensable these days.


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Date: Friday April 11, 11:51 am

Domestic Energy Assessors have a wide variety of many different job opportunities. They can vary by the amount of training one has, and what they are specifically interested in for this business. Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) work with home inspectors to assess the quality of new homes. Becoming an energy assessor requires a lot of training, but it pays off once people begin working.

DEAs typically visit homes that are about to be sold and assess their status. Their work ultimately helps homeowners, homebuyers, and tenants because they provide for them information that can’t be obtained otherwise. The people who become DEAs are very knowledgeable about various subjects, which help them provide the best service available.

People who are interested in the DEA work force are required to take a number of different workshops, practical training, and various lectures. These courses will provide the trainees with all the information needed in order to become certified. Without certification, their training isn’t worth much of anything. Employers will not hire people who have completed some of the training, but didn’t get certified. This job is strict and requires a lot of work and there isn’t room for mistakes. Becoming a certified DEA shows that people take this job seriously and understand all the work involved in providing these services.

The training courses will teach its students about energy inspection, including solar energy. They will be taught additional information in order to obtain skills and knowledge necessary. Understanding building complexes is important as well, for the entire work takes place inside homes. Once in the business, the workers need to know how to work with systems of air conditioning, heating, and hot water. All of these skills can be acquired during the training courses.

All of the required training should bring the trainees up to speed on all the technology used in this business. Along with understanding technology and being able to use it properly, those in training need to be able to present business and interpersonal skills. This allows employers to see every side of their workers, and knowing that they are the right person for the job is important. Therefore, all of this training is important so that people are qualified for the job they seek. Along with the training, people need to be able to work with their fellow workers, customers, and people who may be interested in the services. Work relationships are especially important, especially when dealing with a job that works with other people’s homes; if the workers don’t have a good sense of customer relations then the work won’t be asked for again.

Domestic Energy Assessor’s have to go through many different training courses in order to get to the title they want and be able to provide these new services. The training required is good for anyone to know and it can help get individuals into this new, demanding job. Once all the training is complete and certification is awarded, people can get involved in this new career force to provide new services.

About the Author: James Copper is a writer for where you can find information on electrician courses


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Date: Thursday April 10, 5:36 pm

Medical facilities are always on the lookout for the well-qualified and experienced personnel. The best option for them would be to approach a reliable healthcare staffing and recruitment agency to meet their requirements. These agencies function as a powerful medium between the employers and the job seekers and offer them structured solutions to meet their specific needs.

Placements in Renowned Healthcare Settings

A healthcare staffing and recruitment agency enables healthcare specialists, including dynamic professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology to obtain placements in reputed healthcare facilities including educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home healthcare agencies, nursing clinics, outpatient clinics, acute care centers, long term treatment care centers and more. The placements could be permanent, temporary, long-term, short-term, full-time or part-time.

The staffing services are offered to both domestic and internationally trained candidates. Professionals with right aptitude can enjoy excellent remuneration and other benefits including

• Paid housing
• Section 125 Cafeteria plan
• 401(k) retirement savings plan
• Additional state license
• Professional liability insurance
• Completion bonuses
• Travel allowances
• Short-term disability insurance
• Immigration processing support( for foreign candidates)
• Health care insurance
• Continuing education programs

Exceptional Services

Healthcare staffing and recruitment agencies have unmatched industry experience and this enables them to match the specific needs of employers with those of the professionals who have registered with them. By utilizing the services of healthcare staffing and recruitment agencies, employers can save the money needed for placing job advertisements, as well as the time and effort needed for carrying out tedious recruitment processes. These agencies maintain an excellent team of professionals to carry out each phase of the health care staffing procedure including candidate sourcing, preliminary assessment and interview.

Reliable Healthcare Staffing and Recruitment Agencies for the Best Results

To provide candidates with information about the fresh openings in different healthcare facilities, every reputable healthcare staffing and recruitment agency in the United States maintains an online job database which is regularly updated. By registering online, candidates can access the jobs database and locate suitable job opportunities quickly. Employers who need for several professionals at a particular time are even offered volume discounts.

About the Author: Healthcare Recruitment Agencies – TheraKare is a full-service healthcare staffing company, providing reliable medical staffing services.


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Date: Wednesday April 9, 11:58 pm

Middle East or Far East is considered to be an unexplored arena about which world knows very little. But the rapidly evolving economic scenario and job market of the region has won it much attention from around the globe. Jobs in Middle East have come out as the most preferred ones by professionals willing to relocate in the region. For expatriates, cities and emirates in the region represent relaxing lifestyle with much better salaries than homeland. Moreover, finding jobs in Middle East is easy if one knows how and where to look for them.

Middle East or Gulf jobs offer hefty salaries coupled with attractive incentives and other facilities like housing, transportation, medical and insurance cover, etc. In addition to this, salaries are tax free in most of the region and cost of living is also usually low. There are numerous places to go in the weekends for both recreation and fun as the region welcomes expats with open hearts. The locals of the region not only extend a warm welcome to the foreigners but also mingle well with them. However, there are certain areas in some of the conservative countries where locals and foreigners live separately though in harmony. On the whole, it offers a great scope for social, cultural, personal and professional development.

Let us take a look at how one can find a suitable well paying job in this region of Far East. If looking for jobs in Middle East, one can apply through number of ways as employers now take an extra mile to find the ideal candidates whom they would pay millions later. Some of the most effective ways of job hunting could be through job fairs, job portals, newspaper advertisements, networking and company websites.

-Job Fairs: The job fairs conducted in Middle East are of two types- virtual and physical. Such fairs are now being organized frequently throughout the region as more and more companies and workers have begun participating. This helps in making professionals aware of the kind of jobs they can look for with various companies while employers get to take a look at the talent available in the market.

-Job portals: With growing internet penetration in the region, online job portals are becoming a great hit. These portals aim at bringing the potential employers and professionals together on one platform so that relevant exchange of service and money can be made. In this way, search for job in Middle East takes on a new dimension online making it way easier.

-Newspaper advertisements: Many companies in the region advertise the available vacancies in job editions of leading newspapers. Though it is said that merely 25% of the total job openings are being circulated through newspapers, it has come across as one of the most effective ways for job search primarily for expatriate workers.

-Company websites: Usually, companies mention their vacant positions on their own websites. So, whoever lands on the company page also gets to see and then apply for jobs if it matches their profile. This is the easiest and unpaid form of advertising jobs though conversion levels are low.

-Networking: The ideal way for finding Middle East jobs by far is networking or personal references. One should develop contacts through online expat forums and communities to develop a network. This helps in both increasing the chance of getting jobs in the region and in getting an idea about the lifestyle and culture followed. Personal references are considered to have the maximum weight age over other sources.

Thus, anyone looking for jobs in UAE, Gulf or anywhere in Middle East can easily grab one by applying through the above mentioned methods.

About the Author: Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region, Jobs in Middle East and jobs in Saudi Arabia, Middle East jobs. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.


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Date: Wednesday April 9, 12:52 pm

Andy Troy’s Tasting NYC Is Your Best Solution For New York City Happy Hour is a site owned and operated by well-known writer, personal trainer and fitness celeb Andy Troy. Andy is the writer of,’Living Young : 32 Habits of ageless People’ and the creator of the popular fitness DVD,’The Bedroom Workout for Men’. A life-long New Yorker, Andy hosts monthly social networking activities throughout the city, including wine tastings, which often feature a wide variety of entertainment

‘What Andy Troy does is he puts on Events – his parties are held at trendy Manhattan bars and they’re no cover after work type deals. Andy has thousands of folk signed up for his emailings on, Andy’s parties are popular – tons of good looking people go to Andy’s parties, it isn’t just singles but it is’s lots of singles.

Andy is your embracive host at these events, he circulates, he mingles with the guests, makes sure everyone is having fun including you.

When people think about new york city, one of the first thoughts they have, after the famous buildings, is Broadway.

There are thirty-nine professional theatres that you will find really on Broadway or near Broadway in the Big Apple town. Famous names, such as the Winter Garden, the Shubert, the Palace, the New Amsterdam, the Majestic and the Lyceum as just a handful of the fabulous houses where today’s exciting Broadway plays and musicals are presented to the public.
Musicals aren’t to be missed as a vibrant part of NYC nightlife in Manhattan. Old favorites like Chicago, Grease, gypsy, blokes and Dolls, South Pacific and chum Joey can be enjoyed, as can new material such as Spamalot, Hairspray and evil. You could select from David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow or American Buffalo, Peter Shaffer’s Equus, Tracy Letts’ comedy August : Osage County, and Anton Chekhov’s immortal classic The Seagull, among several now in production.
There are many Broadway plays that were evolved from other mediums, including popular films. Shows such as Shrek, The 39 Steps, wicked, Young Frankenstein, Billy Elliot the Musical, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, White xmas, Mary Poppins and others. Avenue Q was impressed from the television show Sesame Street, yet it offers an adult-themed play.
a massive part of the Theatre District’s NYC nightlife are the spectacular older theatres. People get dressed to the nines to attend the theatre, and there is a spirit of camraderie and bon vivant as the fans settles in together as a group to participate in the experiences the show offers. Some of the theatres, for example the Winter Garden, are vintage homes. After cats closed its nineteen-year run there, the inside of the house was revived to what it seemed like in the 1920s. This is one of the hotspots on Broadway and in town where you can be in the thick of NYC nightlife, now let’s look at the BARS

gypsy Tea – despite the name, there’s no Stevie Nicks vibe here. But what you may find is a two-level hip-hop destination where you’ll frequently see sections full of A-listers from the fashion and celebrity world. feet ) of banquette-like seating, cushy pillars, a grand aquarium and room to dance, most flock to gypsy Tea for its VIP section and bottle service. Make sure to taste the house specialty – The gypsy Cosmo! Rated 2005′s Hottest New Lounge, hobo Tea can be discovered at 22 W. 24th St. ( between 5th & 6th Aves.

Pink Elephant – Bring some credit cards and your swankiest shoes when you visit this luxurious bottle service locale ( found at 527 W. ). With a pheromone-shooting smell machine, you will find your libido-sparking hormones at full attention and the scene absolutely intoxicating! The door can be tough, but worth the trouble for the gang AND staff you will find when you enter the gates.

Tortilla Flats – there is a party constantly at this little Tex-Mex joint. Superb for food and margaritas ( try the strawberry one – you can get them by the pitchers ), Tortilla Flats is an inexpensive and fun cantina that’s’s always crowded with post-work people looking for a good time. Its located on Washington Street & 12th.
Trailer Park Lounge – located at 23rd Street ( between 7th & 8th Avenues ) this place is an ode to an old trailer park – screen door, unmatched vinyl chairs, velvet pictures of Elvis, Marilyn and more. With its kitschy decor, Trailer Park is a good place – sans pretension or angle.

Dive seventy five – A dimly lit watering hole with 4 television’s, nineteen beers on tap, a free Wi-Fi connection, a 155-gallon fish tank, board games up the kazoo ( Uno, Monopoly, Connect 4 ) and friendly waiters that cause you to feel like home – who wants anything else? Dive 75 ( located at 101 W. – between Columbus and Amsterdam Aves. ) is no dive at all!

Andy Troy’s Tasting NYC Is Your Best Solution For Manhattan Bars And Lounges

About the Author: Andy Troy’s Tasting NYC Is Your Best Solution For NYC Bars And Lounges


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